Sugar Glider Breeding

Sugar gliders are marsupials native to Australia and have become extremely popular as pets in the U.S. Sugar glider breeding has grown in popularity to keep pace with the increasing demand for these pets. Sugar glider breeding requires much time, attention and care. Before deciding to make the commitment to sugar glider breeding you must understand the process and the proper way to care for the sugar gliders.

There are many things to consider before sugar glider breeding. Not the least of which is adequate housing for the glider families. The minimum size of a sugar glider breeding cage should be 30’X18’X36.  The bigger the better as far as cages go, the main focus of a sugar glider is jumping and gliding so enough room for this activity is needed. Height is more important than width when it comes to cages giving the sugar gliders enough room to play. The cage also should have a nesting box this is a very important part of sugar glider breeding. A clean nesting box is important so be ready to replace the box many times during your pet sugar gliders life. Sometimes placing the box in the very top of the cage so the gliders cannot get on top will help reduce marking the box with urine.

In the wild sugar gliders tend to mate on to two times a year. In captivity sugar glider breeding can produce multiple litters a year. Litters usually consist of one or two joeys each time. The gestation period is 15 to 17 days but when the babies are born they are hairless and blind. Like other marsupials the baby joey will make its way to its mothers pouch and continue to grow for around 60 to 70 days. During this time of sugar glider breeding it is important for the breeder to provide plenty of protein for the mother so the joey will grow properly. Sugar glider breeding requires a stress free environment for the mother and babies to develop.

After the joeys emerge from the pouch they will stay close to their mothers and fathers. Mainly this is because joeys eyes do not fully open for about 12 to 14 days after emergence.  Responsible sugar glider breeding requires the breeder to familiarize the joeys with human contact. As soon as the mother and father allow contact this should begin. When the babies begin to get older they will wean off their mothers and continue to mature. At 4 months they are mature and ready for life on their own.

Lastly sugar glider breeding is licensed by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. If you plan on sugar glider breeding and selling the babies you will need to get the proper licenses to avoid any trouble with the Government. As with any other pet breeding sugar glider breeding is an important responsibility and all care should be taken to be sure you are safe and properly care for the sugar glider families.

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