Finding Great Sugar Glider Breeders

Many times Sugar Gliders due to their cute natures are purchased on impulse. Unfortunately when doing this one is never sure a Glider is coming from a reputable breeder.  Not buying you pet from a reputable Sugar Glider breeder may cause many problems in the future

The most common problem from disreputable breeders is bonding issues. Bonding is the process every Glider goes through when they become “part of the Family”. This process is the most important part of having a good relationship with your pet . If this bonding process is not done properly your pet will not be able to properly interact with you and your family.

Important facts about the bonding process:

  1. Bonding begins about 7 to 9 weeks after the baby Glider, also called a Joey, is fully weaned and out of its mothers pouch.
  2. The bonding process can take as long as 2 months or a little more to complete.
  3. Once a Glider is older than 4 months it is likely you have missed the bonding process.
  4. If a  Glider has bonded with humans during this bonding period it is possible for them to bond with new humans as they get older.
  5. If a Glider has not bonded properly with humans it is unlikely they will ever be able to bond with a human owner.

Responsible Breeders know these facts about bonding and will do what they can to be sure a pet is able to bond properly with its new family. Irresponsible Breeders will not take these facts into consideration when they sell you a pet. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to know how well a glider has bonded especially if you never interacted with the Glider before the purchase.

Things to look for when buying a Glider:

  • An active Glider that tolerates handling well.
  • Bright black eyes and a muscular build.
  • A Sugar Glider Breeder who is willing to travel to deliver or is willing to have you come to their location to see the Glider before you complete the sale.
  • A Federal U.S.D.A. License this is very important in the U.S. all Sugar Glider Breeders are supposed to have a license and be able to show it to you if you ask.
  • It is most important that you not ship your Joey by air either alone or with other Gliders. Animals shipped by air are sent as cargo and it is very dangerous and frightening for young Gliders. Many do not survive the process and many that do require Veterinary attention to recover.

Buying your new Pet from a responsible Breeder is best for all involved. You will get a much better pet and help support someone who truly loves the breed and is doing everything they can to be sure their babies are properly taken care of. Remember Gliders can live up to 15 years if well cared for it is your best interest to get started properly and avoid many problems that might last for years to come.

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