Sugar Glider Pouches

Of all the Sugar Glider supplies available Sugar Glider Pouches are probably one of the most important things you can get. It is very important to give your pet a safe and secure place inside its cage to sleep and feel comfortable. Most animals that are kept in cages need a place that is private and secure for sleeping quarters and a pouch can be an excellent choice of beds especially for Sugar Gliders.

Sugar Glider Pouches

sugar glider pouches

There are two primary kinds of Sugar Glider pouch commonly available. The first is a pouch designed to fit inside their cage and is mainly used for sleeping or as a safe place to get away from anything that might be considered a danger by the Glider. These pouches are usually made with clips to help hang them inside the cage and are usually around 7 or 8 inches wide and high.

A Sugar Glider pouches size should be large enough for the Glider to comfortably fit inside and small enough to easily fit inside the cage. If you have more than one Sugar Glider be sure to have a pouch big enough for all to fit in and have an extra one or two in the cage just in case any one of the Gliders decides it wants to be alone for a while.

Sugar Gliders are usually community creatures and live well in small groups however from time to time they may just want to be left alone for a bit and having a second pouch can provide another safe place for your pet. Also having a few extra pouches can give you a chance to change out dirty for clean pouches whenever it is needed. Sugar Gliders do not usually soil their sleeping area however the outside may from time to time get dirty and require cleaning.

Sugar Glider Bonding Pouches

sugar glider bonding pouches

Another type of pouch that is common are Sugar Glider bonding pouches. These pouches are designed for you to be able to wear and keep your pet Glider safely while you are going through the bonding period. This is time early in the life of your Sugar Glider that they need to be close to you regularly so they can bond and begin to view you as part of the family.

There are several different types of bonding pouch however a few things are common to them all. These bonding pouches usually have some kind of flap or zipper to close the pouch and keep a Glider from getting out. This is an important safety precaution to take as Sugar Gliders are very small and do not weigh much at all it is easy to not notice one crawling out of a pouch so having some way of closing the pouch can be very important.

Some bonding pouches will have a screen area sewn into the wall so you can see in and check on your pet from time to time. This will also allow more of your scent to get inside for the Glider to get used to you. The more your pet is able to get used to your scent the better the bonding process goes. If you do choose a bonding pouch without a screen it is a good idea to put some cloth inside that has been in contact with you to pick up your scent for the glider to experience. Playing with and handling your pet during the bonding process also greatly helps it acclimatize itself to you.

Another important part of Sugar Glider bonding pouches are straps or loops you use to secure the pouch to yourself. You want to be sure the pouch is securely attached in some way and does not bounce around much while you move as that can frighten your pet and is not a good way to grow trust between you and the Glider. It is also a good idea to use the bonding pouch if you are planning to take your pet Glider out and about with you as it is just safer for your pet and easier for you to manage.

When choosing your Sugar Glider supplies remember to pay attention to Sugar Glider Pouches and particularly the bonding pouches. Almost any good pouch will work for inside the cage and several different species of pets use pouches inside a cage but Bonding Pouches are almost exclusive to Sugar Gliders and you want to be sure you choose Sugar Glider Bonding Pouches when you get a bonding pouch.

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